Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bahama Llama is ready for the Abzoolutely Chestnut Hill Auction Tonight! (Nov 18, 2006)

Here are some photos of Bahama's final paint job.

The Auction is tonight!

Tonight will be the culmination of months of activity for the Abzoolutely Chestnut Hill animals. They will be for sale at an auction at Chestnut Hill College.

It will be nice to get another look at all the animals and the different styles of decorating that were done on them.
Final pix of all the animals are now on the website:
At the same, I'll be a little sad that it is over. It was a lot of fun working on Bahama Llama!

Bye, bye, Bahama!

For all you T-shirt collectors!
I have Bahama Llama T shirts available (while quantities last) for $11 each! You can see images of the two different versions on this website:

I also made some nifty laminated Bahama Llama Commemmorative bookmarks that you can own: Get two for $6.00! They come in four different versions:
1-Ship closeup,
2-Full view: BH in cowboy hat,
3-Sunset view, and
4-Closeup of BH's head wearing his sunglasses
Contact me by email to place orders!
(Place Bahama Llama's name in the subject box!)
Next on my Adventure Agenda:
Soon I'll be starting a mural ... Pix to come!

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