Sunday, November 06, 2011

Rose of Sharon Video/Alyson's Workshop

Yesterday, I attended Alyson Stanfield's Social Media Immersion Workshop which focused on how to make social media work for artists in our self-promotion efforts. What a blast I had! It was fun (that was one of her requirements!)  And I didn't whine (That is her #1 rule!...a great one, I might add) ...still remember the first seminar I attended given by her back in 2006 I think? in Wilmington Delaware. She started out the day with some rules and No Whining! was # 1.
"Rose of Sharon" 9x6" Acrylic Painting c. 2011 Jeanne Guerin-Daley

Since that day I noticed that she has updated the slide image, but the point was the same. We are professional artists who want to show the world what we do. We want to earn a living at our craft. We are business people. Whining helps no one! Besides, who needs that kind of negativity? Not me.

Anyway, I learned lots about Facebook and twitter and blogging,... came home with homework! ... knowledge of things I could do to improve my business plan regarding social Media. So what do I do tonight instead? I delve into You Tube a bit! (I never did like walking a straight line...)
I will eventually get my homework done, but meanwhile, let's play a little!

Will you be so kind as to take a peek at a little video I made, then tell me if you liked it? It's very short.

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