Tuesday, October 04, 2011

This week's Painting Workshop: Still Life, Not Floral!

I got my signals crossed this week. I'd told some of my painting students that we would be painting Echinaceas in a Vase this week, but I made a mistake! According to Michaels/Grumbacher schedules, this week's painting workshop is supposed to be "Still Life."
I have sent those students apologetic and corrected emails.

I do need to plan on painting the correct curriculum, since students may have bought the additional colors for that class. So, since I just now caught my mistake, I have one day to figure out what we will paint tomorrow (Wed) and Sunday!

Below are some options.

Do you have a preference?
Let me know!

I really thought I was on top of things this week, too! I was just about to post a floral image on my Facebook page when I caught my mix-up. If you would like to see what kinds of things I post there, you can stop in by clicking this link:
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