Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Year Anniversary Painting Workshops!...Almost

Almost a year ago, I agreed to join up with Grumbacher paints and Michaels Arts and Crafts Stores to become an instructor of their acrylic painting classes. I discovered that I thoroughly enjoy the activity of painting with my students, and of sharing the info that I have about painting with them. I never tire of viewing the variety of results at the end of each class! Every person has his or her own style that always shines through. My students are always eager to learn, always excited to create their own masterpieces.

I have found that some folks don't take a class because they are afraid to pick up a brush and make a mark. They have the desire to be proficient at painting, but lack confidence in their abilities, and they give up before even trying. To that, I say, give yourself a break! You have to be bad before you can be good. You have to be good before you can be great,... Enjoy the learning process!

Creative visual people need to express their thoughts visually. The painting workshops which I teach at Michaels can help you find that outlet and experience what a joy it is to create your own painting!.
You only need to START PAINTING! Play with the paint a little. Have fun with it. We go through the process, step-by-step.. The more you paint, the faster your art develops. It's like a muscle.

I urge you to respond to that inner voice that longs for creative expression by registering for a class or two. Find out how much fun it can be! At $25, it's a great value, too.

September's schedule has been created. Are Wednesday evenings better for you? Or do you prefer Saturday afternoons?

King of Prussia Store is at
200 W DeKalb Pike, King of Prussia PA 19406.
Phone: 610-265-2196

Conshohocken Store is at
104 Allan Wood Rd, Conshohocken, PA 19428
Phone: 610-828-5815.

(We ask that you sign up at least 24 hours in advance.)

Clicking the "Painting Workshops" tab at the top of this blog will take you to more details about the workshops.
See you in the classroom!
   Enjoy the color,  
     Still have questions? Call me. 610-804-2888

When you register for two consecutive classes, I promise to personally donate $5 to help pediatric cancer.

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  1. Hey, folks, what do you think of switching Saturday afternoon classes top Sunday afternoon? Am thinking about changing it for October. Is Sunday afternoon a more convenient time for you?


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