Monday, July 04, 2011

Benefits of Blogging (Artists)

I was recently asked by a fellow artist about my blog. More and more artists are learning that having a blog is important. Here is my blog story.
Thanks to Alyson B Stanfield, I have been blogging since the Fall of 2006. I started my blog using Google's [free] blogspot, soon after attending one of her art marketing seminars, where she taught me the reason and value of artists having a blog. One valuable lesson: Blogging enables one to talk about one's artwork, which makes it easier for [art-buying] folks to find you through Google searches. Just posting images is not sufficient, because Google searches WORDS, not IMAGES!

For instance:
I could post this image and Google would never find it.
But, suppose I post it on a blogpost and talk about how it is a picture of a black labrador, a beautiful dog with a sweet disposition, which belongs to my friend Cathe. I state that the medium is acrylic. I mention the size of the canvas. Maybe I talk about how I also accept commissions from other people who may want to order a painting with their pet's image. I might talk about how I changed the background of the painting to include green leaves.

Now, we have something that Google can work with. I have a chance to be counted when someone searches for words like the ones I have indicated with  bold italics. See where I'm going with this?

I highly recommend checking out Alyson's website. She has a blog too, as well as online classes, a book... I encourage you to visit her online. Even better, check out her weekly e-newsletter (like I have); you can sign up to receive it by clicking here Reading her weekly newsletter is a great way to learn a little at a time, in digestible bites.

Another day, I will share a related story about her seminar and how I was able to attend for free!)

*If you choose to purchase something from her, I may receive a cut. Please know that I wouldn't share this unless I had absolute faith in her knowledge and capabilities.

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