Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rock Crashers Last Night.

Rock Crashers 9x12" Acrylic-Jeanne Guerin-Daley
Last night in King of Prussia, I had two students who both did a magnificaent job painting this image for the Michaels/Grumbacher Acrylic Painting Seascape class.

It always amazes me how different people will create a painting using the same image for reference, yet each person's result is totally unique displaying the individual style of each artist! I always have fun painting this seascape. Everyone's favorite part seems to be the water spray.  Once you learn the technique, it's not that hard to achieve a realistic effect. We alternate between two brushes to do it.

***If you missed it, your next chance at painting a seascape is next week at Conshohocken's Michaels store.

Don't forget, coming up this weekend:
Kids ONLY painting class! 
(See previous post for details and picture)

For more info on all classes, click the "Painting Workshops" link which you should see as one of the link choices at the top of this page. You can also just call me. 610-804-2888.

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