Monday, March 28, 2011

Photoscape Escapade-Combining Images

I have recently downloaded Photoscape [photo-editing open source software] on my desktop computer and am enjoying the process of learning how to use it... well, mostly. As with most new software, there is always the occasional frustrating time when I am trying to do something that I know it should be able to do but I can't figure out how. Computers are awesome,... except when they are not working for you, but against you!

Combined image of "Kanto" (c) Jeanne Guerin-Daley 
Anyway, there was hurdle which I just succeeded in jumping over. Combining two images into one.
 I wanted to scan a pencil drawing portrait  of our (now passed) German Shepard named "Kanto."
Problem #1: The original drawing was too big to fit on my scanner. So I scanned it twice: once scanning the left side of the drawing, a second scan of the right side. My printer,  Canon All-In-One (Pixma MX 850) can print, copy (reduce/enlarge), fax, and scan. I love it. It's a workhorse for my art business of which I take full advantage!

Anyway, Below I have posted the left and right side scans. The firat time to tried combining the two images, it seemed to work just fine, except for a big fat gray line down the middle. Apparently during the scan, each image included a shaded area along one edge. So first I had to individually crop that out of each picture.
Left side of "Kanto"
Right side of "Kanto"
Then I tried combining them. There was a little bit if overlap (notice how both halves includes Kanto's right  eye.) I thought the software would automatically detect the repetitive areas when combining, but it apparently didn't. So I went back to each individual image and again cropped, trying to crop at the exact point between any possible overlap and missing image. Then I again combined the two and viola! Kanto was whole again.

Upon scrutinizing the point at which the two halves met, zooming in very closely, I realized that there was a tiny bit of extra overlap still showing. For my purposes right now though, it's good enough though. I have other things to do...! (I did use the clone stamp tool on a couple areas to lessen the"stitched" area.)

There's a reason why I was working on this particular piece of artwork.
Stay tuned for a pretty cool pet portrait offer coming very, very soon... !

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