Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Petunias: work in Progress-Day Three

Last night I gave a bit more time to my watercolor.
I should have been crunching numbers but I needed a break!)
In Progress Petunias-Day 3

I added some light reds near the edges of the blossoms. Also mixed some very dark green, purple and almost black colors and placed them in the background in order to push the main areas of interest (the flowers) to the front.

Below the larger blossom I painted in some leafy images in dark green. Not sure I'm liking how they are looking right now though. They may get scrubbed out or changed in some other way. I could feel my muse getting tighter on them,... too tight. Wasn't flowing...

I think it might be time for me to spent more time scrutinizing before I paint on it more.

There is an ARTsisters crit coming up tomorrow. Maybe I'll bring it and see what my fellow ARTsisters have to say about it. Getting honest constructive feedback from fellow professional artists is an invaluable benefit I get from being in this group!

Note: for the detail-oriented viewer: This piece is approximately 15x11" and my camera has been missing. It's either lost or possibly was stolen : ( - not sure.
 Anyway, my only option is to photograph it using my LG cell phone, or scan it in halves, then do some photo-editing to combine. If you look closely you might be able to see a bit of a vertical line down the center. That is where the two images meet. I am just learning a new photo-editing tool (PhotoScape) and am learning on the fly here. So far, I'm liking it; but I'm still in the learning curve. Things are starting out slowly, but are gradually becoming faster for me as I learn it.

Now, I must get back to my numbers job,....

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