Monday, March 14, 2011

Madeleine Kelly

On Friday I watched a fellow artist, Madeleine Kelly, demonstrate how she paints an acrylic underpainting [on board]  first, then paints with soft pastels on top of that. If you are familiar with her work, I'm sure you will understand why I was so interested in seeing how she works. Her images are colorful, impressionistic delights, that keep your eye traveling on an adventure in the work. Very loose and free are her strokes, yet very specific and special is the feeling one gets regarding the sense of place in the work.

In her hand, simple pigment dust becomes the glassy reflection of trees on a roadside creek, bursting with colors that evoke a certain light,... makes me wish I was there!

It was a rare treat to watch her work.

CLICK HERE to see one of her beautiful landscape pieces.

OR, heck, just take a gander at her whole website! CLICK HERE FOR THAT

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