Sunday, February 20, 2011

Note Cards

Fine Art Note cards
Rocky Crashers at Sunset-Mini
I am an avid user of note cards. I have discovered that often, taking a few minutes out of a busy day to write a short thank–you note to someone can bring a smile to the faces of both the sender and the recipient. I usually print my own note cards, which is convenient when I finish a brand new piece of art that I am in a hurry to share with someone. All I have to do is scan it (if it is small enough) or photograph it with my digital camera, maybe do a little cropping/editing, copy and paste the image and new title, etc... into my card template, and print! I buy envelopes in bulk so I always have them on hand.

BTW, Alyson B Stanfield shares some very practical ideas for artists regarding cards. I was just reading some tips in her latest e-newsletter. If you are an artist, interested in improving your art business, I highly recommend signing up for her free email newsletter. (aff link) She has taught me some very valuable lessons over the years, between her blog, book, and newsletters.

Shown here is the latest addition to my card collection. 
(If you would like to order some cards, send me an email.)

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