Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Half Off!

I just read a post on faccebook that had a link to a coupon that can be used on any item at Michaels and pay only 50% of the price.

I'm thinking this is a terrific time for my students (current and future) to buy that kit they have for the Fine Arts Classes. Normally goes for $49.99. Contains 2 canvas panels, a palette knife, two brushes (#2 Round and a #8 Filbert) plus it contains FOUR 3-fluid ounce tubes of Grumbacher Academy Acrylic paints! it all comes in a convenient carrying case with a handle.

Here's the link.

Go grab your kit, then sign up to paint that Red ornament! tonight and Sunday at K of P, Tuesday at Conshohocken!

(Click the Michaels workshop link above for more details.)

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