Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Sarah-less Tuesday

So, it's Tuesday, and I'm not driving to Crow Hollow Studio today as I have done for the past six Tuesdays. So sad it's over. Partly because I learned a lot about the medium of Chroma's Interactive Acrylic Paints, especially working "wet-in-wet" (which was the focus of the class). Also part of my sadness stems from my missing the drive. Although it was a long drive for me, it was always enjoyable, even on the many mornings that were damp. cloudy, rainy and/or cold. Driving through Pennsylvania's Chester county, the Chadds Ford area (Andrew Wyeth's world) and into northern Delaware was always such a treat for me. I got to watch the forsythia bushes change from bare branch stems to fiery yellow explosions of color. Large pastures went from brown to bright green, and the bare trees gradually woke up from their winter sleep to produce multiple varieties of pinks, purples and white blossoms, then displayed leafy spring greens.

So, although it's a little sad that the classes are over for me, my creative muse is abundantly recharged! I have been scrambling around, finding tidbits of time in my busy life to continue to explore these paints. So many possibilities! They are "endless" as Sarah comments in her description of the classes. If you are an artist who wants to feel like I do, I urge you to sign up for the next session of classes. You will need to check with Sarah to find out when they will be.
Her website is http://www.Sarahyeoman.com
She also holds watercolor classes also, AND, there is a special event coming up soon. She is partnering with artist Madeleine Kelly for a weekend workshop in mid-May. Details are on the workshop page of Sarah's website:
(Hurry! Last I checked it was filling up fast.)

*Ed. Note: I just learned Sarah will be doing the class again in the Fall! And May workshop has ONE SPACE LEFT!

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