Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day Five at Crow Hollow Studio

Another productive day at Sarah Yeoman's class on Interactive Acrylics.

These are some of my results from her instruction.

I'm really loving this wet-on-wet technique. With these interactive acrylic paints you get the best of all worlds: the immediacy and instant gratification of watercolor, watching what wet pools of paint can do when manipulated, sprayed, tilted,... And you can have the permanence of acrylics along with the manageability and blending of oils... Fantastic.

I am also beginning to try combining these paints with cyanotypes.  In my mind, I'm adding some pastel,,, I'm becoming a mixed media fanatic!

So many possibilities...


  1. Terry Guerin7:51 PM

    awesome!!! so glad I linked in

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback! That's the idea! ...to do my part to make the world a more beautiful place!

  3. First time visiting your blog, great job, wonderful artwork, sister!!
    Love your new wet on wet work, will visit often!

  4. Thanks, joys. I am having so much fun with this wet on wet technique, thanks to Sarah!

  5. First time visiting your blog, found you through your cyanotype on Alyson's ArtBiz site.

    I really like your multimedia approach - especially your pastel/cyanotypes (cyans are a specialty of mine too).

  6. lovely. i love the mood and colors created by the wetness and haziness of the pool of color. i also like when you paint over it. very beautiful.

  7. Linda,
    Thank you. I am really having fun with this medium. (Just ordered some new colors on Sunday!)

    I just watched your video, Bokor in Blue. Wonderful work! I see similarities between your work and Linda's. You two should check out each others sites!

    Linda: To watch Bokor in Blue go here:

    To watch Linda's "Behind the scene/seen" video on YouTube, go here:


  8. i watched "boker in blue." very intriguing. i love the images. do not know how to do cyanotypes, especially with photographs but liked the layered effect very much!! also liked the beige, blue and white plus dark tones. amazing images. sad story. what were the words of the song? anybody know? does boker mean station? lots to think about and process. i would love to meet elizabath over tea or coffee and talk,


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