Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He Shoots! ...He Scores!

These past several days I have been very busy with many different tasks, all urgent of course! (story of my life...!)

Because of the workload, I haven't had the chance to watch very much of the Olympic Games, although, luckily, I have been able to watch some of it. So when I'm working on the computer and the task at hand requires a Google search, I'm enjoying seeing what Google is doing for the events. They have been decorating their Google logo with different symbols of the sporting events. Today's image shows a hockey puck in the foreground, and a hockey player who has just whacked the puck, in the background. But the thing that is kind of cool is that the missing 'o" and "g" in the middle of the word, means that one now reads "Gole". So, maybe it's misspelled, but I get it: the hockey puck gets shot into the net for a "gole" (goal).

Good one.

I hope to get the newsletter out very soon. A lot of events coming up in March!
More TBA...

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