Sunday, December 27, 2009


Yesterday I mentioned that my colors were calling me.
They were. The desire to work on making art was very strong in the morning. The problem: when I looked around, I saw no place to work. Things had been moved around a bit, to make room for a Christmas tree. I am still only somewhere in the middle of the "de-clutter-and-get-rid-of-excess-paper job" that I have resolved to complete. There is never enough hours in the day to do all that I want/need to do. So I frowned, shrugged off the notion that any art was going to happen, and began to tackle some paper-tossing.

All went well for quite some time. I got a good bit done, then it was time to make dinner. Why the heck I chose a 10-inch cast iron skillet instead of the large griddle is beyond me! It took me two hours to cook 3 pounds of bacon! I tend to cook it over a fairly low fire; that way, it's easier to control the cooking and not burn it. I also usually cook half-slices, not whole slices. They are easier to handle in the pan that way, but it's double the amount of turns!

Anyway, after dinner, I managed to break our the watercolors and play with color a little bit. Nothing great came out of it this time, just the sheer enjoyment of painting. Sometimes it's just that way.

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