Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy Week/Secret Project

This past week has been busy. Wednesday was my monthly ARTsisters meeting; Friday was the monthly meeting of the Delaware Valley Art League. This morning I spent a little time working on my secret project, then in the afternoon, took advantage of the unseasonal, warm weather and raked some leaves outside!
Want to take a guess at what the secret project is?!?


  1. Wow Jeanne...what a wonderful blog page! When I have more time I hopt to visit more of your links. You are very, very busy. How do you do it all?

  2. TerryLee,
    How do I do it? Day by day,... hour by hour,... minute by minute! I manage things by planning, setting priorities, dealing with urgent and important things first, but rearranging things when necessary. Life can change on a dime around here, with four kids, a husband, and a dog to take care of! I agree, my life is very busy. Unfortunately due to only having 24 hours/day, there are always some things that don't get done, like cleaning my house for instance! There's an area in which I always could use improvement!
    Including art in an already busy lifestyle can definitely make for crazy schedules, constantly unfulfilled tasks, and sometimes more stress than I need, but I can't imagine life without art!
    Thank you so much for taking some time to take a look. Please visit again soon if you can!


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