Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oak Leaves Watercolor; Fall Colors

The Fall colors are sneaking up on me around here!
Yesterday I worked on a little watercolor painting of oak leaves. I kept it loose; it's not a perfect depiction of oak leaves; it's more just a loose rendering to allow me to play around with the color and evoke some mood. I think I'm finished; not sure though. Before I decide I will spend some time living with it. I have it propped up on the music shelf of the piano in my living room. As I go about my day, I will pass it, turn it on its side, upside down,... This allows me to check the composition for balance. Value range problems sometimes come to light when I do that too.

So coming home from my morning mom-taxi-driver detail, I caught a cool looking sky. Once home, I snatched my camera and ran to the window. Even on heavy cloudy days we can sometimes get a visual treat if we pay attention to the sky!

How are the clouds treating you today?
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