Monday, September 07, 2009

It's a Push and Pull Life

So this evening, I go out to my back yard garden. Been away from it all weekend and I thought I'd stop in and visit the weeds,... oh, and maybe some vegetables too.

I surveyed the grounds, noticing some new green beans growing, a little cherry tomato or two,.no new cucumbers, but mostly, I'm standing there, focusing on the weeds,... or are they?

Here's what happened...

I was looking at a mass of branches of some plant that grew on its own (some people would call it a weed). There were hundreds of pretty little white flowers on these branches, which climbed around the pole that went across the north side of the garden. My husband had installed the pole there years ago, for the purpose of helping our climbing vegetable plants.

(This second picture shows the unidentified white flowers growing alongside a climbing cucumber plant.)

I stood there, thinking what a shame it was that this plant, with such pretty flowers, would have to be pulled, in order to allow more sun to reach our tomato plants, when a heard a humming sound. I looked a little bit to my left. Growing there at my left were the pink and blue wild morning glories which had grown swiftly on their own, but were starting to choke out the other vegetables like the green beans. In order to have more healthy green beans, they would have to be pulled, I thought.

But I'm not so sure I want to do that. Because just now, the hungry hummingbird that I had heard arriving, hovered by one of the pink morning glory blossoms to take a quick drink of nectar. Then he (or was it a she?) moved quickly over to the neighboring blossom to take another drink. Then another. After the third sip of refreshment, the little bird zoomed up and over the Rose of Sharon bush at my far left, and was gone. At the same instant, I was delighted to have been treated with such a beautifl glimpse of my natural world, and also sorry that my camera wasn't over my shoulder at the time. (If it was, there probably still wouldn't have been time to capture it though. that bird was in for a quick drink! I'm happy though, that the picture exists in my mind's eye!)

So anyway, now I think the garden-weeding job will be at least delayed!

This last pic shows the growing tip of the cherry tomatoes, surviving among the white flowered plant, yet clearly, vying for sunlight! Time will tell who wins!

Happy end-of-summer to you all!


  1. Thanks for sharing that nice garden moment, Jeanne. (I can't see the pictures, though. It could be a problem with my computer, but I don't think so, I tried accessing the page with Safari and with Firefox with the same result. Oh well, I'll just have to use my mind's eye too.)

  2. Paul, thanks for alerting me to the picture problem. Blogger has just "improved" their features. Either they still have some work to do, or maybe I simply didn't work the process correctly. Anyway, I found a way around that and re-posted the pictures in another way. Should work for you now.


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