Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Painting After Nicolas

For the latter part of the afternoon today and into the early evening I drove to the airport with some of my kids to meet a Spanish cousin, Nicolas, at the airport. After meeting up with him, we all went to my sister's house where he'll be staying for awhile, and we had a nice meal of pizza.

After getting home from that, I found that my husband had made himself some dinner. As I passed by my White Azaleas pastel, I heard it calling me. Hmmm. No dinner to make. No urgent commitments; I'm there!

So I grabbed the chance, picked up a purple pastel stick, and began to develop the forms and colors once more. I worked for more than an hour I think; I didn't really keep track... I imagine that many artists are like me in that sometimes when they really get into it ("it" being that "zone" where creativity sparks and sizzles!) time is of no importance. The here and now is only what counts. This is the art time that I treasure the most.

And this is what happened tonight. I think I made several improvements to the picture, although I can't show it to you yet. It was quite dark out when I quit (around 1030, or 11pm) and I'd rather photograph it in tomorrow's daylight than to try to use a flash tonight. With my limited photographic skills, it would do weird things with the colors I'm sure! Busy day tomorrow, but I will try to post the picture by nightfall.

I spent much of the time developing the shadow areas behind the flowerpots and the shadowy and light-filled sides of the stone column. I am not yet pleased enough to say it is finished, but I think things are developing along nicely.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Latest Exhibition News: I'll be exhibiting along with two other artists at the Gryphon Cafe for the month of July. Spoke to the owner today; the dates aren't set in stone yet. More on that when I know for sure but the hanging date is slated for July 5th. I hope I can finish and frame the azalea painting by then.

There are two pieces (cyanotypes) hanging there now for the month of June, along with my fellow ARTsisters' artwork.

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