Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Azalea Pastel Painting Progresses

Thanks to some great feedback from my fellow ARTsisters, and some extra tolerance from my family (they allowed me to neglect them for a bit so I could paint longer!) I have improved the azalea painting from what it was. Fixed some incorrect perspective and added some darker values in the shadow areas. Found the need to buy a couple more pastels to finish. (My whitest white isn't soft enough to lay on top of the thick layer of the light azalea blooms and they need to be lighter still.) So it's off to the art supply store for me when I get a chance. I hope to finish it in time for the upcoming Gryphon Cafe show. More on that later when I get another minute.

I also started a new pastel with some bold and bright colors with which I'm having loads of fun! (I tend to work on multiple things at once.) I think it comes from being a mom! We moms all have to learn to multi-task in the bottle/diaper/stroller years!

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