Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Past Week of Spring

This past weekend, I'm sure I was only one of many, many weekend gardeners who were taking advantage of the warm weather and getting some planting done. I have resolved to have a decent garden this year, because for the past couple years, I had been too busy to do a very good job with it, and I really missed it. There's just nothing like eating homegrown vegetables: the wonderful flavor and freshness, not to mention the convenience of only taking a few steps to get one's dinner ingredients!

But I also like to try and grow as many flowers in the garden as I can manage too, simply because they are a great inspiration for my art!

My art these days is in an experimental stage; I often feel the need to dance around many mediums: from pastel to watercolor to cyanotype to colored pencil,... But the one unifying theme is always the reference to nature. The immense variety of colors, shapes, sizes and patterns in our natural world never ceases to inspire and amaze me. Do you ever feel that way too? (I am sorry I have no art pix to post today.)

My past two weeks have been filled with a mixture of emotions, mostly due to the death of my father. I found that it somehow wasn't as saddening as was dealing with my mother's death, a little over two years ago. I think it was because this time, instead of also worrying about my dad missing my mom, now, I was calmed by the thought that they are now together again, both of them out of their pain. They had a terrific life together and were definitely meant to be together. Dealing with death is something we all have to do at some point of our lives, but why does it so often have to involve pain?!

My dad was a calm, quiet, college professor who was full of love for his fellow man ("and women!" my Mom would have added). I'd like to spread some of his wisdom, if you don't mind. (My title, his words:)

How to Live Your Life in Five Easy Steps:

"Take care of the essential self that will survive this life.

Take care of all relationships so that you will enrich others' lives.

Take care of your health.

Manage money thoughtfully.

Be good; avoid evil."

- Joseph Robert Guerin, PhD.

Now go out and do something special!

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