Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sarah Yeoman, Watercolorist

I am re-publishing this post after I realized I made a mistake with Sarah Yeoman's name. So sorry, Sarah! Below is the amended post.

This past Friday I attended the monthly meeting of the Delaware Valley Art League. This organization has over 200 members who are artists living and working in the Delaware Valley area. There are several juried group exhibits throughout the year. I’ve been a member for less than a year now, and enjoy learning new things at the monthly meeting.

There is always an artist who makes a presentation of some sort. This one was Sarah Yeoman, a watercolorist. She brought some samples of her work, some blank paper, brushes and paints and proceeded to create a watercolor painting, describing her process as she worked. It was fascinating, seeing how her interpretation of lights and darks, shapes and forms, evolved into a work of art. The subject she chose was (a photograph she had taken of ) a cluster of colored glass bottles, setting on a windowsill. There were lots of reflections and interesting shapes and values throughout the image. I was glad that, having arrived early, I was able to sit right up front and see the process up close. By the time I got home, I couldn’t wait to pick up a brush and try out some of the neat tricks that I learned. I had been playing around with some little watercolor projects. The artist's road is paved with experimentation!

If you're an artist who wants to check it out, you can attend a meeting of the Delaware Valley Art League before you decide to join. They are open to the public. You can find the meeting schedule and more info on their website:

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