Thursday, January 29, 2009

Erika Lambert's Article About the ARTsisters Exhibit at Art trust Gallery

Although I needed to skip this event due to overwhelming family responsibilities, my fellow ARTsisters are going strong! Erika Lamberg has written a nice article about our next group exhibition. You can read about it if you click here.

(FREE) Reception is this Friday, February 6th, from 5:30 to 8:30pm.
Place: The Art Trust Gallery at the Meridian Bank, 16 W Market Street, West Chester, PA 19
You can find more info about the exhibit here:


  1. Looks like a great group of committed artists.

  2. Yes, I'm very lucky to have found (and had the good sense to join) ARTsisters back in early 2006. I read about the group on At the time ARTsisters was newly formed and they were recruiting new members. Now we have a waiting list of many interested artists! I owe a lot to ARTsisters, especially co-founders Linda Dubin Garfield and Leslie DeBrocky, (see their links at left) and I deeply appreciate their dedication and support. It's all about give and take, helping each other whenever possible, and keeping in mind our mission statement:
    We are professional women artists who empower each other and the community through their artwork.


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