Sunday, August 24, 2008

Philadelphia Folk Festival, 2008

The 47th Philly Folk Fest has come and gone.

Installing the "8" in "2008".

I spent the week before the fest up at the Old Poole Farm, (where it is held every year) camped with the Graphics Crew, painting the signs and murals that decorate the grounds. This year Graphics out-did themselves, in my opinion. We all (a group of about 30 or so volunteers) helped with the work. There was no whining (although I think there was some whinnying from Rachel's horses!)
Everyone worked together and got it done. Some people helped with painting over last year's images, and some people worked on lettering. Some touched up the road signs ("Folk Fest Next Left"), and some installed them along the road. Some helped design the sixteen-foot wooden guitar which hung high over the entrance to the crafts area near the Martin Guitar booth, and some worked on the musical notes which hung across the Old Main Gate roof which wasn't there any more :(

Can anyone (who doesn't know already) guess which song we were doing? (Due to technical problems that arose, we couldn't get it down completely accurately, but we didn't do too badly.)
Some painted sea horses and regular horses, horse shoes, and rope. Some Some did the Fest Face and some did "ALIVE!" posters.
To all of the crew:
Mama Tine, Cianna, Eli, Rachel, Tink, Jon Jon, Ben, Jeremy, Laura, Frankie, Lenny, Amy, Mike, Dave, FX, Laine, Courtney, Jenn, John, Dianna, Ramona, Chris,
Casey, Bugsy, Mike, Pat, Joe, Laur, Sarah, Bev, Josh, Dawn, Erin, Marcy, Matt, Dave, Gloriana

Thank you! from ANATNOM MAN:

Some pix below...

Installing the sixteen-foot Martin guitar.

We all help out no matter what our size!

I have many more photos, but am having a bit of tecchie problems.
Will hopefully have it fixed soon!

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  1. That was great mom! A little corny with the whinnying and whining thing, but it was a great fest!


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