Sunday, January 20, 2008

Moulin Rouge

Henri de Toulouse Lautrec is among the impressionist artists that I admire immensely. I love his sharp, bold, impressive dark lines that when mixed with light, soft pastel shapes, create the magic of the dance at the Moulin Rouge. Last night I watched a movie on Channel 12, entitled "Moulin Rouge". It was a movie about the life of the artist. It wasn't a new movie, but it was one I'd never seen before. I found myself drawn in to the story, so much so that when they showed LaTrec drawing at his table at the Moulin Rouge, it moved me to do some drawing too. Trying to keep up with my resolution that I'd do some "Art Every Day", I grabbed a nearby pencil and sketch book and did a quick sketch of this singer in the movie. I'm sure I certainly didn't come close to the skill of La Trec, but hey! ya gotta start somewhere!
I found that drawing from a moving image isn't easy, but it's fun! I find it to be hard to get things right [accurate] because of the swiftness of the movement, yet it's easier to get the emotion of the moment because of the quickness needed.

keep warm everyone....

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