Thursday, December 13, 2007

Busy Time!

This week I've been busy with lots of on-going and pending projects.
I've started the preliminary work for a mural for a day care center in Ardmore called the Children's Ark. I'm also working on a final design for a mural for three sports-loving boys. This project involves fellow ARTsisters and Endow-A-Home. There are a few other projects started as well.
Oh, and then there's the Christmas card I'm working on! I used to design my own Christmas card for years. I did it just for fun, because I enjoyed doing it. Then for the past few years, I didn't send out anything; partly due to time and financial constraints. This year I really wanted to change that pattern and send out a card this year to all my friends and family.
There was one theme that my mom used to use to create a new design every year for her Christmas card. I decided this year to honor her memory by continuing the tradition.
There's no picture yet; it's not finished. I had one design completed but I wasn't totally happy with it so I am re-doing it. (That darn critical eye of mine!)
Well, back to work for me!

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