Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Latest News: Max- and more

I wrote a big long blog last night, saved it as a draft to finish in the morning, then reconsidered and deleted it all. I've been real busy with many things this past week and last week as well, and the blog sounded like a great big whine as to why I didn't get much art done! No one wants to hear that! We all have complaints; I will strive to share my thoughts with you without going there to "Whine"-ville!!

First- News on the homefront: this is Max, the newest member of the family. My husband, the kids and I have all been busy starting his training. He's been real good so far. Just loves to go off and find shoes and socks too much!

Here’s my latest art-related news


I’ll have some work for sale (some small water colors paintings) in the Memphis College of Art’s Holiday Bazaar this year.
I have also donated a piece for fund raising purposes. Proceeds go to the scholarship fund. (Although I started my college years in Philadelphia, I ended them in Tennessee.)


Have just submitted work to be a part of a group show in Wilmington at the Louis Redding Building. ...Haven’t been accepted yet. Am going out on a limb here...! Will update you when I know. All I know now is the Art on the Town reception night will be Friday night Dec 7th. Will expand once I know more.


Have been trying to get something done on a holiday card idea with not much luck. It’s pretty much still just an idea in my head!,...although I DID manage to buy the art materials needed to experiment a bit. (It’s about time I do that holiday card thing again!) Maybe this weekend...


Cyanotypes: I haven’t made any new ones for a couple weeks and already miss it badly! I hope to get back into it by next week. This week has been too full of family obligations, etc... to expect that I can do something. But I have done some prep work. I have several stacks of hand-torn paper ready to coat with the cyanotype solution. I also have spent some time at the computer working on that goal of mine to learn PhotoShop. I have a few new negatives that I plan to try out with the cyanotype process. Can’t wait to see how they do!

I’ll give you a preview. Here’s a photo from that River’s Bend camping trip. I have posterized the photo and plan to see what separate values of that beautiful Prussian blue will do to the image!

I'll be honest with you; with the posterization, I'm not sure making a cyanotype will work well with this image. it may be that it's too ... well, too foggy! ...which is why I took the picture! Then again, that's the fun of doing cyanotypes... experimenting. I'll just have to wait and see how it goes.


Have been quite the student this week.

First I went to a great framing workshop at the Main Line Art Center on Sunday afternoon given by Kim Andrews. Learned a lot about what to do and what not to do when matting and framing your art for archival purposes. One thing I know is, I want to get one of those nice Logan 301-S mat cutters! Any one out there looking to get rid of theirs? I'd rather spend a little on a used one than a lot on a new one (as long as the used one still works of course!)

Then yesterday, I caught a short workshop about e-marketing run by Rachel Zimmerman of


Coming up December 8th from 9 to 4:

I will be sharing a table with another artist at the Philadelphia Senior Center's Annual Arts & Crafts Holiday Bazaar in Philadelphia. I plan to have for sale some of my smaller, portable stuff: cyanotype prints as well as printed note cards of some of my paintings. (To see samples of which images are available, you can visit my sister blog address: )
There is free admission for all, door prizes, and a free gift for the first 200 folks that go! More info here


Unfortunately, it appears I won’t be able to be a part of the event above due to overwhelming artists’ response. :(

There's more I've been up to, but I have run out of time.
I gotta go! Take care, all!

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